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Enjoy an exciting painting workshop abroad and stay on the famous Leisure Isle of Knysna.
We are offering either a week's guided painting of photographic holiday with accommodation or individual days classes to visitors in and around Knysna.
This is a unique opportunity to both paint and have time to enjoy the fascinating artistic heritage of Knysna capital of artistic culture.
Our courses are small (6 people maximum but generally less) so that each person gets plenty of attention and help with their technique.


Emilio started painting at age 55, and spent 17 years on the music circuit in South Africa as an entertainer.

He is a qualified DTP Artist and a Graphic Designer, composer, writer, artist in any medium, producing

Landscapes, flowers and any subjects in acrylics, oils and other mediums.

He was born in Umtata in the Transkei and has lived in South Africa, Germany and Croatia, but now lives and works in Knysna where he paints, creates, to International buyers and collectors.

Emilio has a style that is rare and inspirational.

Languages Spoken

Emilio speaks English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, German, Dutch and some Croatian.

Carlis (CK)

CK started at an early age in primary school, enrolled in art up to Matrix level in school, was an instructor at TRICHEM/ HOBBYTEX for 10 years tutoring in all mediums of paint, multi media, she is a qualified candle maker, after Trichem opened her own studio where she gave classes on a daily basis in all aspects of creative arts, does stained glass, faux glass, baumauer, mosaic, fabric painting, chalk on furniture, murals, and interior decorating.

CK was born in Pretoria and has lived in South Africa all her life, but now lives and works in Knysna where she and Emilio paints, creates, tutors and show for locals, International buyers and collectors.

CK is truly a fine artist with extreme capabilities.

Languages Spoken

CK speaks English, North Sotho and Afrikaans