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Why Langebaan ? Click below Video

Kite surfing Lessons & Packages

We operate on the Langebaan Lagoon, West Coast of South Africa


Langebaan is a water-sport village which is well known for its azure clear waters, golden beaches and sunshine all year round.

German Surf Magazine's equipment tests are regularly done here as well as being on the site of the 1995 World Production Championships.

The 2010 Resolution Downwind Dash

 January 2019 saw the completion of 32nd annual prestigious Langebaan to Saldanha Downwind Dash.

The race is approximately 20km long and goes from Langebaan’s Main Beach to Dial Rock in Saldanha Bay.

Langebaan is an ideal spot for kite surfing, thanks to its excellent wind conditions, beautiful surroundings, and world-class instructors. Langebaan is the Kite Capital of the world, with accommodation on site specially tailored for kite surfers.

Our lagoon is Safe, flat waters and constant wind makes it a world-renowned hot spot for kite-boarding.

You will find us overlooking a dazzling lagoon,16 km long and no wider than 3 km wide, on the Cape West Coast, 120 kilometers from Cape Town, South Africa.

Welcome to kite-surfing / kite-boarding paradise.

Situated within throwing distance of Langebaan’s Main beach in South Africa  kite school and surfing.

We are a highly professional Organization of Young Professional Kite Surfers and Instructors who are passionate about kite surfing and our professionally trained and certified (IKO/VDWS) instructors who want to pass the love of this fast growing sport on to you. 

Our courses are presented every day from October through to the end of March where a constant wind is basically guaranteed every day.

We teach a maximum of 2-3 students per instructor as our guiding principle is "quality over quantity".

We can teach in English and Afrikaans.

Langebaan Lagoon, with its shallow estuary, is ideal for beginners. As for intermediate and experienced kite surfers, who are seeking high speed on flat-water action, our kite school should definitely be on your kite surfing bucket list.

If you are an experienced kite-surfer, we offer you a complete range of kites and gear to rent.

if you’re not looking for the adrenaline-pumping sport of cruising on crystal clear water propelled by a flying kite, we can organize excursions from sunset yacht cruises, sunrise SUP (stand up paddling) tours, kayaking, fishing trips, bicycle rentals, beer and wine tastings, wildlife safari and much more.

Tell us the activities you would like to experience in the West Coast region and we’ll arrange them for you.

Kite Surf Packages

We are more than just another kite-boarding school. We are a collective of passionate individuals dedicated to providing you with more than just another holiday.

Boasting the best equipment, high quality instruction, customized day trips, airport and hotel transfer, as well as a variety of services tailored to suit your holiday.

With years of kite-boarding and hospitality management behind us, we have the experience and expertise to deliver excellence in all the services we provide.

One-On-One Instruction

The Breakdown

*R850 Per hour or R8500 for a full

10 hour course.
*Radio Communication with BB
Talkin, so we

are with you

every step of the way.
*Water support with Langebaans own

Rescue service
*Latest Duotone Kite boarding Gear
*Choice of English or Afrikaans IKO

Certified instructor.

Group Instruction / 2 people 1 instructor

The Breakdown

  • *R500 Per person, per hour or R5000 per person per

  • 10 hour course.

  • Maximum 2 people per group/instructor.
    *Water support with Langebaans own Rescue

  • service.
    *Latest Duotone Kite boarding Gear.
    *Choice of English, or Afrikaans IKO Certified

  •  instructor

Advanced Instruction

The Breakdown

*R900 Per Hour
*From learning transitions, basic jumping

and your first tricks to big air,

Freestyle, Directional wave riding, Downwinders

and Hydrofoiling.
*Water support with our own Rescue service.
*Choice of English, or Afrikaans IKO Certified

*Latest Duotone Kite boarding Gear with option to rent

or purchase after completion of lesson.**

Super kite package

  • 15 hours over three days 

  • 5 hours a day 

  • 750 per hour 

Total cost of package: 11,250 Rand. 

  • 25 hours over five days 

  • 5 hours a day 

  • 700 per hour.

Total cost of package: 17,500 Rand.

These pricing are for a private lesson.

This will give the client the opportunity to learn

kitesurfing at a faster pace.

Giving them the confidence and skills needed to

kitesurf themselves. 

This could end with them renting eq becoming

part of the KBC student family.

In this time they will cover all modules of the IKO

curriculum finishing on level three,

where they will receive there IKO accreditation

from their instructor and a certificate

from KBC congratulating them on finishing the

course and leaving them with a great memory of

the experience.


Becoming an independent rider and a member of

the KBC family.

Surf Lessons

  • Learn to surf or SUP

  • Including all the gear (wetsuit, board, leash, wax)

  • Qualified surf instructor

Surf experience

Surfing isn’t just about standing on a board and riding a wave.

It is the combination of physical wellbeing, being one with nature and most importantly having FUN.

We combine all these elements to create, not just a lesson, but a unique experience.

During the lesson we cover all the basics from techniques to surf etiquette and safety.

Everybody has different capabilities and personal goals in the water, our professional instructors are there to mentor you through every wave.

Stand Up Paddle Board experience

Stand up paddle surfing (SUPa traditional Hawaiian sport which promotes balance, strength, and general fitness. It is great for surfers and non-surfers alike, as it provides a good workout while at the same time it is a fun way to view the natural surroundings. Take a SUP lesson from one of our experienced instructors and enjoy a guided tour of the islands and kelp forest.

Good chance to bump into a friendly local seal!



Find us on:

Eco Afrika Tours,  South Africa, 6570

Contact MC: +27 82 558 9104 (International)  •  082 558 9104 (Inside South Africa)