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34° 4'1.28"S               23° 3'32.45"E

South Africa is a world within one country.

We have all the sights, all the food, all the excitement, all the dangers,

all the action, all the animal and birds and.........

We have all the People, our RAINBOW Nation.

Our sound knowledge of our country, its people, animals, flowers and birds

offers the traveller an exceptional insight and first hand experience of South Africa.

We handle large & small groups.

Our Fleet is maintained and serviced regularly. we can guarantee in a trustworthy and reliable

backup support system we have across South Africa in the event of any mechanical failure.

Together with our insurance company, we offer all of our passengers a

comprehensive Passenger Liability Insurance Cover.

Our Drivers:
Our drivers provide a personal, yet excellent service to all passengers.

They are well known for their friendliness and willingness to go 'that extra mile'.
They are fully qualified with the necessary permits, PDP's and short / long distance service records.

They have a thorough knowledge of the geographical layout of our beautiful country,

which helps to make each trip a memorable, educational and ever lasting experience!

Large Inbound Operators often charter us and we often link with several renowned operators throughout

South Africa and Africa to afford you the tourist the best possible solutions to your travel requirements.


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